Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for more people to help with the everyday activities that are required by Charity Hua Hin Thailand, but not everyone has the time or is able to help. Here are what we look for in the right people to join us as volunteers.

  1. Must be reliable and upright;
  2. Must be willing to do non-paid voluntary work during 2 half days per month;
  3. An expense allowance is not available: all costs made related to the voluntary work must be paid by the volunteer;
  4. Make a commitment in principle to work at least one year and must be available during at least 9 months per year;
  5. Maintain confidentiality about particulars of our beneficiaries: it is not allowed to take non-volunteers to the homes of the beneficiaries without previous permission;
  6. Must be able to cope with socially and physically challenging situations at the beneficiaries homes;
  7. The Charity Club needs a copy of passport and valid visa of the volunteer;
  8. Have basic knowledge of Thai language as most of our beneficiaries do not speak English;
  9. Must have a car if s/he wishes to help deliver goods to the beneficiaries.
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If you think you match our requirements, please submit your details below & one of our team will be in touch with you very soon.