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A group of national and international volunteers donate their time to help those who are not able to gain an income for themselves like elderly and people with disabilities. We work in close cooperation with social workers and hospital staff who select the poor Thai patients for us.

Since 2010 we distribute all kinds of necessary items to underprivileged families in the area Hua Hin, Pranburi, Pak Nam Pran and Nong Plub.
Provided are diapers, underpads, wound-dressings, food, rice, milkpowder, etc on a monthly basis to selected patients of all ages. On an individual basis are provided: wheelchairs via Hua Hin Hospital, fans, air-mattresses, suction machines, suction catheters, refrigerators, plastic gloves, shower chairs, toilet chairs, tv’s, cooking stove and gaz, rice-cookers, blankets, etc: in fact everything that is asked for by the poor elderly and by people who cannot walk.

No costs are deducted from your donation because all volunteers work free of charge. Even e.g. car fuel related to the monthly deliveries, is always paid privately. All donations to the families are made in kind. This website has been built free of charge. A proper financial administration is kept.

Do the elderly and people with disabilities receive an allowance from the Thai Government?

Yes they do. The monthly allowance is:

– THB 600 for elderly people of 65 years and older, which is not enough to buy food.

– THB 800 for people with disability which is not enough to buy food let alone other items. E.g. 34 adult diapers costs Tbt 450 per pack.

The minimum wage in Thailand is THB 350 per day.

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Helping others is not only a very worthwhile cause, but also gives you a great satisfaction knowing you have helped to improve another persons life.


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